evolo Solutions in sustainable urban mobility evolo

c-évolo units are equipped to respond to the world of last mile transport and urban logistics.

Their high load capacity (250 kg), low consumption (0.2 euros per 100 km) and ability to circulate without limitation along all thoroughfares where cycling is permitted (pedestrian areas, urban roads...) make it an essential tool for solving the problems inherent to urban traffic, such as strict traffic timetables, fines and difficulties in parking. Supported by innoenergy

Thanks to the versatility of our units and their ability to alternate mobility through different urban settings, their application in the labour market is wide and diverse. As a result, our commitment is clear. We provide the most ingenious tools to different market sectors. The only obstacle is lack of imagination...

The world of freight transport can easily benefit from the advantages of using evolo, not only because of savings in economic terms, as it does not consume fossil fuels, but also because it manages to cross the most common architectural barriers in cities, such as time restrictions for loading and unloading in pedestrian areas, no risk of fines for when one needs to park and, last but not least, its easy operability and driveability, reducing delivery and unloading time to a minimum.